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A Look Back at Our Partners from Africa

Africa Partner Event

Thank you to all of our NComputing partners, key distributors, resellers who came from all over Africa to attend our partner's event in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Partners gathered to hear the NComputing vision and roadmap as laid out by myself and GM & VP of EMEA, Jochen Polster. Keynotes about our new products and live demo were something of great interest and were well received. 

For us, it is always inspiring to connect with our partners and set the stage for the coming year. 

We thank all our partners who attended this annual invitation- only event. 

Check out this picture of happy faces at the event. You can also check out our Facebook for the full album.

For more information on NComputing partners event, visit

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Mr. Song brings over 25 years of technology vision and entrepreneurial leadership with a focus on products that deliver life-enhancing value to education, business and consumers. He has founded and operated several start-up ventures with an inherent talent and track record for turning ideas into viable products and sustainable businesses. Mr. Song co-founded NComputing Co. Ltd. in 2003 and successfully led the company to its early growth. By 2014, NComputing grew significantly to be the #1 thin client vendor in Asia-Pacific and the #3 thin client vendor worldwide (IDC), with over 70,000 education and business customers and 20 million daily users in over 140 countries worldwide.

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