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5 Reasons: Why vSpace Pro10?

5 Reasons: Why vSpace Pro10?

There are many reasons why you should look forward to our next generation desktop virtualization solution. Just for starters, here are our top five:

#1 Support for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016*

The big news thats making the headlines recently has been the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. Many of you have been asking us if our vSpace server software will be supporting it? And we’re happy to say the answer is ‘Yes!’.

With vSpace Pro 10, you will be able to migrate easily to the latest Windows OS and provide your users the all-new groundbreaking features offered by Microsoft such as new improved desktop experience, Cortana.

In addition, vSpace Pro 10 continues to support existing OS versions such as Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 and 2012 and Windows Multipoint Server.

#2 Modern UI/UX

We have completely revamped vSpace Pro 10’s user interface to provide a modern, clean and simple look. We’ve also improved the user experience, with the new intuitive design you can now be more productive, stay organized and complete tasks much quicker. Giving you more time to focus on innovative IT technologies rather than wasting precious time on managing on-going operations.

#3 Integrated NComputing Cloud Dashboard for your Deployment.

With vSpace Pro 10, we are introducing a cloud-based management portal. This portal will be your one-stop solutions for managing all your NComputing software licenses and purchasing & managing premium features that can be deployed to vSpace Servers. It also gives admin improved accessibility and visibility of asset tracking and user information.

#4 Premium Features and Cloud-Based Services

YouTube is one of the most popular channels to watch videos, with over 3000 videos watched every second. For those who are looking to provide high-resolution, fast-loading video streaming to their users, we’d like to introduce vCast.

vCast creates a module, installed on the vSpace server, allowing you to stream high–definition videos without sacrificing quality. Therefore, skipping the whole process of compressing and decompressing each frame through end-user’s thin clients. 

Other fantastic premium features will include health monitoring that will enable the IT admins to monitor the health of their servers.

#5 Simplify IT

Streamline and centrally manage vSpace deployment with device management features to meet your deployment needs. Gain insight on critical data such as user and workload utilization to optimize on-going operation.  Manage and allocate software licenses and premium features on the fly to provide deployment flexibility. vSpace Pro 10 also comes with new vSpace Console and vSpace Manager to help you achieve just that.


* vSpace Server 2016 based on technical preview version.

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