Industry Events, Tradeshows & Seminars

NComputing and its partners exhibit and speak extensively throughout the world. Please select a tab below to view a current list of events and activities in your region.

Past events

World Didac India

NComputing at World Didac India 2015

NComputing participated in Didac, India formerly known as World Didac India in Bangalore. It is the largest International exhibition and conference for Educational and training resources in Asia Pacific Region. The conference held annually addresses the growing demand for next-generation technology that can empower education industry to focus on innovative thinking and learning.

NComputing EUROPE Partner Event in Mallorca, Spain

NComputing Partner Event in Mallorca, Spain

NComputing invited the key Partners in Mallorca. During the 2-day event, attendees were presented the latest product roadmaps, marketing activities, and sales strategies. The event proved to be an excellent way to meet executive management on both sides not only in a business setting, but there were many opportunities for background discussions and some great food with wine tasting.

NComputing AFRICA Partner Event in Kenya, Africa

Africa Partner Event

Partners gathered to hear the NComputing vision, roadmap by our CEO, Young Song and GM & VP of EMEA, Jochen Polster. Keynotes about our new products and live demo were something of great interest and were well received. 

NComputing LATAM Partner Event in Miami, Florida

NComputing Partner Event in Nairobi, Kenya

NComputing had a great time connecting with partners in Miami. This was a great opportunity to give feedback directly to our top management, get an insight into the latest things brewing in the company including an exclusive roadmap session. They also got an insight into the latest hardware and software developments for the vSpace platform.