DoD finds the solution that fits the mixed world of Windows and Linux in an easy to use and secure virtual desktop solution


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“We found the VERDE VDI engineers to be easily approachable, responsive and open to input. Requests for additional features were implemented in a timely manner, allowing us to evolve and offer mission critical capabilities and options to our users. What could have been a complex and difficult project has been relatively simple and pain free because we chose the right desktop virtualization vendor.”

– U.S. Department of Defense representative, Military*




“VERDE VDI helps us reduce capital expenses by providing support for Windows thin clients running virtual Linux desktops. In addition, by enabling our department to move desktops into the secure data center and isolate access based on need or clearance level, the solution significantly improves security.”

– U.S. Department of Defense representative, Military*



*Identity withheld for security reasons.